About the Conference

Chitose Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) has organized international fora and conferences related to Photonics Science and Technology every year since 1998 when CIST was established. For example, the 4th International Conference on Organic Nonlinear Optics (ICONO’4) in 1998, the International Symposium on Optical Memory (ISOM2000) in 2000, and the Korea Japan Joint Forum in 2008. The first Chitose International Forum on Photonics Science and Technology was held in 1999.

22nd Chitose International Forum on Science & Technology (CIF22) will be held at Chitose Institute of Science and Technology (CIST), Hokkaido, Japan. CIF22 has many scopes in the wide fields of science and technology, including material science and astronomy space science, data science using artificial intelligence (AI), and data handling technology such as image sensing, digital signal processing, and numerical simulations. In addition, integrated fields of science and technology such as information and communication technology (ICT) systems and their related devices are also included in the scope. Moreover, this forum has recently focused on novel attractive interdisciplinary fields between science and technology such as bio-mimetics, photonics, robotics, and service science management and engineering (SSME). In the forum, new and novel technologies in these research fields will be introduced and discussed.