Plenary Speakers

Prof. Andre Laschewsky

(Potsdam University)

「Environment and Polymer Materials: Considering the Future after 100 years of Continuous Success」

Ms. Naoko Yanagihara


「Communicating in the Connected World」

Invited Speakers

Prof. Makoto Chiba

(National Inst. Tech., Asahikawa)

「Advanced coating for corrosion protection of substrate metals –Development of self healing coating–」

Prof. Yoshikazu Horino


「To be announced…」

Prof. Jun-ichiro Ide


「To be announced…」

Prof. Hiroyuki Kono

(National Inst. Tech., Tomakomai)

「Surface modification of cellulose nanofiber using silane coupling agent for poly(methyl methacrylate) reinforcement」